We own the night

tee Balenciaga//jeans Gap//shoes No Panic//necklaces  Forever XXI and H&M
rings Forever XXI//watch DKNY//bracelet D&G


the story: wensday night, „Girls Rock” party, Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest

LEO Sunshines 8 jear anniversary

so we decided to rock, and to ignore the fabulous desserts that kept on staring at us

we played games (about fashion and music) and we lost

we failed trying to be fine with it

since we still want to win (for the sake of winning itself)

we made plans to return and win!

you might think it’s childish, and you would be soooo right

but what’s more awesome than ice cream in Hard Rock Cafe?

Winning ice cream in Hard Rock Cafe!

you’ll see, they have winner/looser flavours

just kidding

but, nevertheless, see you next week







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