Remember the post I did a while back, suggesting how awesome it was to fade your hair?

Silly me, I didn’t notice my own hair was faded in due time..

And I was pretty bummed about the fact that I wasn’t a gorgeous blonde with brown roots…

Anyway, you might ask how I got my so-cool-and-naturally-faded hair…

well… it’s a combination of:

  • wanting a change (but not knowing what change)
  • beeing to cheap to go to the stylist                             
  • not having any patience whatsoever                         

So I asked my friend to dye my hair red (I wanted a change like RIGHT NOW)!

And you know how in the movies usually it turns out great and the new colour inspires the heronie

to turn her life around in a New York minute? Well, you know, what happens in the movies stays in the movies!

So, I looked awful for pretty much all of  fall/winter 09 , and decided to wash my hair as often as I could

so the red would wash off, and never, i mean NEVER, to dye my hair again! So what seemed to be

a bad bad bad decision turned out in a surprisingly good way! I sure hope it stays this way

forever and ever or at least untill the faded hair trend fades…

I think that’s destiny’s way of wanting me to be fashionable at all times 😉

bag BCBG
bracelets H&M






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8 răspunsuri la Faded

  1. dannie zice:

    i looove the fade of your hair, sooo siic and edgy
    your flats are awesome too, loove your style 😉

  2. ellinor zice:

    Oh New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. You have some nice stuff on your blog. Come and visit mine when you have time.


  3. Puck zice:

    You know, the colour of your hair is so beautifull!


  4. alexis zice:

    zambeste cuaie!!! cine ti-a facut pozele?

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