Beautiful, right? Who wouldn’t dream of spending most of ss11 with this gorgeous Louis Vuitton sandals?

I have a confession to make: altough The Sartorialist was the first blog I started following, no one impressed me

as much as Tommy Ton… his shots are „something else”, and it doesn’t hurt that you can often see Anna Dello Russo

sightings on Jak&Jil…

Tomorrow is Andreea’s birthday and I have no idea what to wear… Sould I go for casual chic or should I go all the way

to drop dead gorgeous?

If there was only a special section in the national economy called „Money to buy clothes for your friends birthday”..

So off we go… let’s see what we can whip up untill tomorrow..



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4 răspunsuri la Oh-la-la!

  1. hilal zice:

    love this!
    come follow I will follow back!


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