I never really understood „boyfriend” trends. Why wear large jeans that (purposely) don’t fit you when skinny’s are always sexy? Why dress up in a man’s shirt when woman’s shirts give you a gorgeous shape?

By the time I wore my first man-sweater I had a revelation: it’s not about beeing sexy, it’s about feeling comfy…

Since I’ve always said „If it hurts it probably looks fabulous”/”If it doesn’t hurt it’s definitely horrible” (yeah, I don’t apply it all the time either) I was astonished to be so comfortable!

And that’s not the only discovery I made that day: I also found out how you can mix two huge trends: the „boyfriend” and the vintage converge in your dad’s closet! Or at least in my dad’s 🙂

Between Polo by Ralph Lauren Tee’s and YSL shirts (he’s soooooooo lucky) I found this cute sweater that can also be worn as a dress (but a short one of those). I remember it to be Castelbajac, but since I’m too lazy to check, we’ll just stay with the doubt…

Also, I must state the fact that I wasn’t wearing any make-up (it happens to the best of us) so I’d like to send a huuuuge THANKS to my friend, Alexis, for turning this pictures from „dead” to „publishable”.



my dad’s sweater
bag BCBG
scarf Louis Vuitton



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2 răspunsuri la Oversized

  1. Shin zice:

    Very cute sweater!! xoxoxoxoo

  2. Nice!
    I just wrote a post about oversized sweaters 🙂

    check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ 🙂

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