Meet my friend Ada. The moment I saw her rockin’ this outfit I knew I had to share it with you guys, it’s sooo modern rock’n’roll!

Of course she didn’t agree at first, but then again, all the good ones are hard to get, right?
I’m so glad she finally said yes and I can post this amazing outfit she wore for the „Girs rock” party!

And yes her T-shirt says „Because I’m Chuck Bass”


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5 răspunsuri la A.C.

  1. Ashley zice:

    Ahh I need that tee shirt in my life! It is amazing!!

  2. Puck zice:

    I love your bracelets, they are so cool.


  3. Jenny zice:

    Great paring, definitely rock ‘n roll! So glad you got her to agree to a pic!

    Jenny @vpv


  4. Emmy zice:

    like it with the red scarf and the converses! good combo

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