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  Tommy Ton for That’s amazing! Taylor Tomassi by Tommy Ton LOve Reclame

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Holiday spirit

The holiday red cups have become a tradition at Starbucks.  My name is Daniele and I work with the creative design team.  This year, we were inspired by the idea of people sharing their own stories and experiences to create … Continuă lectura

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  When I look at this magnificent Burberry watch, I know what it’s like to fall in love… oh yes… that’s what it’s all about

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Thinking ahead…

I’ve been having the hardest time deciding what to get for my birthday. One must admit, there have been happier times in my life, but that’s not even worth discussing. Point is, I have made a promise that every year … Continuă lectura

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Meet my friend Ada. The moment I saw her rockin’ this outfit I knew I had to share it with you guys, it’s sooo modern rock’n’roll! Of course she didn’t agree at first, but then again, all the good ones … Continuă lectura

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      I never really understood „boyfriend” trends. Why wear large jeans that (purposely) don’t fit you when skinny’s are always sexy? Why dress up in a man’s shirt when woman’s shirts give you a gorgeous shape? By the … Continuă lectura

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This is the life

  If I could have any kind of bad romance in this world, this would be the one I’d choose. Having your marriage blow up right in front of you is a terrible thing and you’d never think it to be … Continuă lectura

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