Beautiful, right? Who wouldn’t dream of spending most of ss11 with this gorgeous Louis Vuitton sandals?

I have a confession to make: altough The Sartorialist was the first blog I started following, no one impressed me

as much as Tommy Ton… his shots are „something else”, and it doesn’t hurt that you can often see Anna Dello Russo

sightings on Jak&Jil…

Tomorrow is Andreea’s birthday and I have no idea what to wear… Sould I go for casual chic or should I go all the way

to drop dead gorgeous?

If there was only a special section in the national economy called „Money to buy clothes for your friends birthday”..

So off we go… let’s see what we can whip up untill tomorrow..



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Remember the post I did a while back, suggesting how awesome it was to fade your hair?

Silly me, I didn’t notice my own hair was faded in due time..

And I was pretty bummed about the fact that I wasn’t a gorgeous blonde with brown roots…

Anyway, you might ask how I got my so-cool-and-naturally-faded hair…

well… it’s a combination of:

  • wanting a change (but not knowing what change)
  • beeing to cheap to go to the stylist                             
  • not having any patience whatsoever                         

So I asked my friend to dye my hair red (I wanted a change like RIGHT NOW)!

And you know how in the movies usually it turns out great and the new colour inspires the heronie

to turn her life around in a New York minute? Well, you know, what happens in the movies stays in the movies!

So, I looked awful for pretty much all of  fall/winter 09 , and decided to wash my hair as often as I could

so the red would wash off, and never, i mean NEVER, to dye my hair again! So what seemed to be

a bad bad bad decision turned out in a surprisingly good way! I sure hope it stays this way

forever and ever or at least untill the faded hair trend fades…

I think that’s destiny’s way of wanting me to be fashionable at all times 😉

bag BCBG
bracelets H&M






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Forever Yours

last but not least:


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We own the night

tee Balenciaga//jeans Gap//shoes No Panic//necklaces  Forever XXI and H&M
rings Forever XXI//watch DKNY//bracelet D&G


the story: wensday night, „Girls Rock” party, Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest

LEO Sunshines 8 jear anniversary

so we decided to rock, and to ignore the fabulous desserts that kept on staring at us

we played games (about fashion and music) and we lost

we failed trying to be fine with it

since we still want to win (for the sake of winning itself)

we made plans to return and win!

you might think it’s childish, and you would be soooo right

but what’s more awesome than ice cream in Hard Rock Cafe?

Winning ice cream in Hard Rock Cafe!

you’ll see, they have winner/looser flavours

just kidding

but, nevertheless, see you next week







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Last night…




…we rocked!

details on that in tomorrow’s post

since I’m already late and must get dressed (oh, the horrrror!!!!!!)

for yet another party night…




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Sunday shopping



Asta se intampla atunci cand te gandesti sa dai o tura prin magazine, "sa vezi ce mai e nou"..
Si pentru ca am fost un dependent de shopping rational, nu am cumparat decat ceea ce era NECESAR!
dar... inca mai am vise cu inelul roz Cavalli (so me!) bluza galbena cu animal print (stiu,
suna oribil cand o spui asa dar promit ca era foarte frumoasa si deloc kitch, sau poate doar putin),
rochia verde cu volane, sandalele Lanvin (cu 4 numere mai mici), geanta Givenchy sau aaaah...
preferata mea, rochia Dior... oh baby, i still shiver anytime i think of you...
Dar, looking back imi dau seama ca am cumparat lucruri de care binenteles, aveam nevoie...
a little bit couture
a little bit of London
some scandinavian
something McQueen
am ales cum nu se putea mai bine, offf de erau si sandalele YSL cu 1/2 numar mai mari, as fi putut
adaugat "something I can't walk in" - (soooooo stylish and fashionable)
..si cand ma pregateam sa-mi inghet cardurile intr-un cub gigant de gheata astfel incat sa ma asigur
ca nu voi face iarna doar in cizmele (cum, am uitat sa pomenesc cizmele???) extremly wild (& sexy)
pe care le-am luat, Ada imi propune un shopping spree, pentru ca a auzit ca au lucruri frumoase...
  in Victoria 46... i feel like crying... asa ca daca nu voi putea sa-mi achizitionez o caciula pentru sezonul
fall/winter, macar imi voi acoperi capul cu o agenda Lanvin (fashion has never been so multifunctional)
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astea sunt pozele care ma inspira sa incerc ceva nou cu parul meu..
e usor sa incerci ceva nou si bold in materie de pantofi sau genti
asa de greu sa o faci pe parul tau ... 😦
as minti daca as spune ca nu sunt tentata, ramane de vazut
care din forte e mai puternica : eu sau my inner-fashionista?
P.S.: N-am fost niciodata mare fan Drew Barrymore, dar look-urile ei recente ma inspira din ce in ce mai
mult... merita un post dedicat (soon)
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