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That’s amazing! Taylor Tomassi by Tommy Ton


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Holiday spirit

The holiday red cups have become a tradition at Starbucks.  My name is Daniele and I work with the creative design team. 

This year, we were inspired by the idea of people sharing their own stories and experiences to create the holidays at Starbucks. We used deco-inspired illustrations to create scenes that are open to the interpretation of the viewer – playful interactions between a cast of characters. The idea is to let people fill in the blank and make it their own story. And through all of our shared stories, the holiday spirit is brought to life.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. 

Daniele Monti, creative director


I almost never realize the fact that november’s almost over and that the holiday season is about to start. This year, I felt all exited after the most delicious Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks, because of the pretty red cup they use in winter.

The first time I noticed the red cup was 2 years ago, in Madrid, and as soon as I noticed the change I went inside to order a drink, so I could also drink from the christmas-Y cups, like all those people wandering around.

Spain is a very special place for me, not only because of my history with Starbucks, which also started in Spain. Barcelona actually.

I knew I had the best drink of my life as soon as I tasted the magnificent frappucino.

That’s the thing I love most about summer: my ability to drink as many frappucinos as I can (I’m a fan of the frappucino diet – it’s so easy – one frappucino a day – venti, of course – and no food whatsoever).

This is the official declaration of my love for Starbucks – whenever, whereever – because it makes you feel like it’s your own brand, and you can design it anyway you want…


So how about a cup of coffee?

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When I look at this magnificent Burberry watch, I know what it’s like to fall in love…

oh yes… that’s what it’s all about

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Thinking ahead…

I’ve been having the hardest time deciding what to get for my birthday. One must admit, there have been happier times in my life, but that’s not even worth discussing. Point is, I have made a promise that every year I’ll celebrate myself by fulfilling one of my oldest wishes. So here are a few of the things I hope to own someday…

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Meet my friend Ada. The moment I saw her rockin’ this outfit I knew I had to share it with you guys, it’s sooo modern rock’n’roll!

Of course she didn’t agree at first, but then again, all the good ones are hard to get, right?
I’m so glad she finally said yes and I can post this amazing outfit she wore for the „Girs rock” party!

And yes her T-shirt says „Because I’m Chuck Bass”


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  I never really understood „boyfriend” trends. Why wear large jeans that (purposely) don’t fit you when skinny’s are always sexy? Why dress up in a man’s shirt when woman’s shirts give you a gorgeous shape?

By the time I wore my first man-sweater I had a revelation: it’s not about beeing sexy, it’s about feeling comfy…

Since I’ve always said „If it hurts it probably looks fabulous”/”If it doesn’t hurt it’s definitely horrible” (yeah, I don’t apply it all the time either) I was astonished to be so comfortable!

And that’s not the only discovery I made that day: I also found out how you can mix two huge trends: the „boyfriend” and the vintage converge in your dad’s closet! Or at least in my dad’s 🙂

Between Polo by Ralph Lauren Tee’s and YSL shirts (he’s soooooooo lucky) I found this cute sweater that can also be worn as a dress (but a short one of those). I remember it to be Castelbajac, but since I’m too lazy to check, we’ll just stay with the doubt…

Also, I must state the fact that I wasn’t wearing any make-up (it happens to the best of us) so I’d like to send a huuuuge THANKS to my friend, Alexis, for turning this pictures from „dead” to „publishable”.



my dad’s sweater
bag BCBG
scarf Louis Vuitton



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This is the life


If I could have any kind of bad romance in this world, this would be the one I’d choose. Having your marriage blow up right in front of you is a terrible thing and you’d never think it to be the subject of a fashion editorial. Guess again!

This photo shoot is the reason I loved Vogue America’s July issue. Styled by Grace Coddington (isn’t she the best?), this pictures make you want to look as stylish as Natalia Vodianova and Ewan McGregor while your life is breaking to pieces.

Oh, yes! I’d like me some „stylish disaster” please, since the road to deception is paved with this season’s Prada stilettos and the forever fashionable Hermes Birkin.

Far be it for me to underestimate the power of clothes, but this is what I truly love about fashion: the emotions and the power to transform yourself into everything you want to be!





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